About Us

Welcome to Mauve & Olive!

You've already guess our favourite colours, but want to know what else we love? Modest, comfortable clothes with CANADIAN prices. (We know you'll love that too!)

I say "we" because this is a family effort and I would be crazy to claim this as a one woman show. With kiddos and hubby's support, I get to embark on this adventure, so this is as much theirs as it is mine. 

All of our product names represent women who have influenced me in my life. I am grateful to have such wonderful examples of strong women who know how to get things done, whilst continuing to show compassion to the world. This is the purpose behind Mauve & Olive. This world needs women who care less about being pretty, and more about being kind. When you are dressed modestly and comfortably, it is easier for your inner light to shine.

So shine on!

Thanks for your support.